New Year’s Resolutions

So, I’m pretty picky about resolutions. A lot of people say things like “be nicer”, “exercise more”, or “be happier”. I feel like these are actually huge cop-outs, though. It’s so easy to say, when next December comes around, that you were nicer or happier without anything to back that up.

I like quantifiable resolutions. Things that I can clearly chart the success or failure rate for. So while someone might say “lose weight”, a better resolution is “lose fifteen pounds”. Someone might say “be nicer” but you could say “volunteer at a charity at least once a month”. These kind of concrete resolutions keep you more grounded and are better at keeping you accountable.

I do have Resolutions for 2016. I hope to accomplish them all, but I also like to keep things realistic. For instance, my resolutions for 2015 were to get a tattoo, read 100 books, and get my real estate license. I got my tattoo, I read 57 books (let’s be honest, 100 is pretty steep), but I lost interest in getting my real estate license, so I abandoned that one. Which is fine. It’s important to be forgiving to yourself when you don’t quite meet the goals you set. Maybe your resolution was to go to the gym three times a week, but you broke your leg and couldn’t go. That’s fine. Maybe you meant to travel more, but your work or school schedule got really crazy and you just weren’t able to. Things happen. We’re people.

So, without further ado, my 2016 New Years Resolutions:

  1. Graduate college
  2. Get settled into a home
  3. Get a Big Girl Job
  4. Get a dog
  5. Read 50 books
  6. Maintain this blog throughout the year (at least one post every two weeks)
  7. Get (and use!) a gym membership

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. A fÅ‘zÅ‘s műsorokkal pont így vagyok én is,nagyon meghozza a kedvem a konyhai tezekkeny©edéshÃz.:)Avért F-fel, mert Gordon minden 2. szava az a bizonyos csúnya szó, ami angolul f-fel kezdÅ‘dik, magyarban basszusra fordítják finoman. :)Nagyon bírom a palit, fantasztikus dolgokat dob össze pár hozzávalóból.A képek olyan szépek megint, hogy huhhh….és ez a barna készlet( az ugye?)gyönyörű!A kacsa szimplán kedvenc. 🙂


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