Why I Turned Down a Big Girl Job (and what happens next)

A few blog posts ago, I wrote about how I want to get settled into a Big Girl Job this year, after graduating. Ideally, I would like to have something figured out by the time I graduate, but definitely by the end of the summer.

I started the job hunting process a few weeks ago. I completely revamped my resume, and I actually created a resume website, which goes into more detail than I could in one page, as well as showing some of my social media/website chops. Let me tell you guys: it’s fire. I’m really proud of my resume. That said- I downloaded the Indeed Jobs app and just started searching for full time jobs in the area that I want to live in.

I found a job listing that I liked pretty easily, actually, but it didn’t feel real. It was for an online dog travel agency- yeah, you read that right- based in my hometown. The job listing bragged that you can bring your dog to work (can you say, dream come true?), flexible hours, vacation time, healthcare, the whole shebang. I applied, but it basically became a running joke among my friends- the dog travel agency. I never expected to hear back.

Fast forward to a few days later, when I had a phone interview for the dog travel agency. At this point, I was still doubting that it was real, until my interviewer mentioned an employee who happens to be a good friend of mine’s mother. The benefits sounded amazing- especially the dogs in the office. The problem was the work I’d be doing. I applied to work in social media/marketing/editorial stuff, and they wanted me working in a call center for at least a few months until I paid my dues, or whatever. I mean, fine. I get it. Work your way up the ladder, and all that.

I was feeling really hesitant about the job by this point. The pay wasn’t amazing, the work would be pretty tedious until I moved into a higher position, et cetera. And then I got a call for a second, in person interview.

I walked into the office and was immediately surrounded by about ten dogs, which is basically my dream. There were big couches, decorations, and an open, airy feel. I had a very chatty, social interview, and went on a tour of the office, which was better than I could imagine. There were screens for office movie nights, pool tables, a big yard for all the dogs, games, all of that. It was great. The people there were young and fun. I left feeling like I was going to puke- I knew that it would be the right decision to go to work for them, and the interview was incredible, but something still felt wrong. I had desperately wanted the interview to go badly, to make the decision of whether or not to take it easier.

I had another job in mind. It wouldn’t be full time (summer work only), the pay was lousy, and I won’t know if I even got the job for several months. But this job, at the camp that I’ve worked at for three years now, still held my heart. And as much as I knew that the dog travel agency would probably be right for me longterm, I couldn’t see myself giving up camp that easily. Even though I know this will be my last summer, there’s a part of me (a big part) that isn’t ready to let go. And I just can’t see myself working in a call center, even if it does mean moving forward into something better. I hate phones, I want to be outside, and I want to work at helping kids.

The dog travel agency seems  a l m o s t  perfect. And I know that it would be the smart thing. But I’m young. And life’s too short to do a job that you aren’t passionate about. Maybe someday, I will end up at the dog travel agency. And I’ll put in my time in the call center, and I’ll bring my dog to work everyday, and it’ll be great. But I’m just not ready for that.

So, what comes next?

I’m in the middle of the interview process for camp. Assuming all goes well, I’ll be there for the summer, and in my time off, I’ll be job (and house!) hunting. My goal is that by mid-August, I want to be in a career and a place to live. I can be an adult in the fall. This last summer is my chance to do what I love.


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