What I’m into- March 2016

Everything I mention in this post (except for a couple of small exceptions) is linked!

Green Gables Fables


This is actually something that I’ve been loving for months now, but it doesn’t get enough attention! GGF is a youtube adaptation of Anne of Green Gables. Basically, Anne is a vlogger who posts every Wednesday chronicling her life. Currently, she’s at college, but the series starts right after she is taken in by foster parents Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. It’s sort of like Pemberly Digital’s Lizzie Bennet Diaries or Emma Approved, only with a smaller budget and without Hank Green helping steer the ship. Anne of Green Gables has always been one of my favorite stories, and this puts a really fresh, modern spin on it. They use a lot of transmedia (basically, the characters are all on social media, completely in character, so some of the story goes down over twitter instead of in video form) so it feels really real and immersive, and lends itself really well to the vlog format. And, just like I have been all my life, I’m totally in love with Gilbert Blythe. It’s funny and heartwarming, but if you know the story of Anne of Green Gables, there are some very sad parts, as well. And they don’t gloss over them at all- it’s really interesting to see how things like grief and heartbreak are adapted for a modern world.


Daveed Diggs- Small Things to a Giant


You might already know Daveed Diggs- he plays both Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the musical, Hamilton. (Which I also love.) Small Things to a Giant is his album, available on bandcamp for $7. I’ve always liked rap in a I’ll-listen-to-it-if-it’s-on-as-long-as-it’s-not-offensive-but-I-probably-won’t-seek-it-out kind of way. I got into his music by youtube searching him (because I’m in love) and finding his song, Fresh from the Hood. It’s still my favorite song on the album. His lyrics are really smart and timely, and I just love it. One of my favorite lyrics: “Maybe I’m just other than famous- maybe I just have to accept that that’s where I will remain. But if that’s true, it won’t be due to lack of noise-making.”

Zelda: Wind Waker


This isn’t really a new thing, or a new love. I’ve had this game for probably over a decade now. But my roommate and I have been playing for the past week, and I just really love it. I don’t have the Wii U HD remake, so we’re still playing the GameCube version, but I have no problem with that. The graphics are beautiful and vibrant, the music is incredible, and the gameplay is fantastic. It’s still difficult enough that it stands up as well at 22 as it did when I was 10. Right now, our hero (named Snarfkin) is working on finding all of the Triforce Charts.

19 Before 20


19 Before 20 is a podcast created by two of my good friends, Kathleen and Abby. They both turned 19 in February, and they’ve planned to do a new thing every week before they turn 20 and podcast about it. The episodes are about 20-30 minutes long, and they talk about their new thing, the things they’re liking that week, and by extension, life in general. They’re both really smart and weird kiddos, and I’ve been really enjoying listening to them. It’s a new podcast so they’re still working on getting a following, so definitely go check them out. (I’m mentioned several times- if they mention someone named Mako, they’re talking about me.)

Chescaleigh’s Snapchat


Chescaleigh (real name: Franchesca Ramsey) is a youtuber/Daily Show writer/MTV Decoded host, who talks a lot about intersectional feminism, racial politics, et cetera. She doesn’t make youtube videos super often anymore (her most famous are probably her Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls videos) but she’s gotten really into Snapchat recently, where she just sort of talks about her day or current events, or shows off her makeup looks, or just… whatever. She’s just really smart and funny, and I’m loving her Snap stories lately. It’s like watching a mini-vlog throughout the day.



You might remember Michael Aranda from Chameleon Circuit, the Doctor Who themed band that is now defunct because several of the band members turned out to be sexual predators. (Not Michael, though.) He’s also a part of Hank Green’s youtube video empire out in Missoula, Montana, working on SciShow and CrashCourse. On top of that, Michael’s also recently launched his own production company, Synema Studios. His vlogs are probably the most chill, laid back vlogs I follow. They’ve been super far behind, but as of last night (March 18th- I’m releasing this post a few days late), he’s totally caught up. WhatI’mDoingRightNow is his vlog channel, but he also has a main channel. It doesn’t get used super frequently, but his main channel videos are really beautiful and well made. His vlogs are also really high production quality. He films mostly on an iPhone, but uses a lot of drone and time lapse footage to show off Montana’s better qualities. (I have a grudge against Montana. Ask me about it sometime.) Also, the vlog following is small, so it’s a nice little community. You see the same people in the comments every day, just chatting. It’s a super positive group of people, and just a really good like, before bedtime vlog. He’s also a super talented musician and composer.


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