How to Have the Perfect Mental Health Day

It’s your first day off in ages. You just finished a big project. Work or school is exhausting. Things aren’t going the way you planned. You need a day

  1. Sleep in.

You’ve got nowhere to be. This is your day off. Don’t set an alarm. Just wake up when you actually feel ready to wake up.


2. Go to the store

You can definitely do this the day before if, unlike me, you’re a proactive person, but my mental health day was sort of last minute. When you go to the store, though. Don’t bother with makeup or a bra. Just put on a sweatshirt and go. If people are really that worried about how well your boobs are supported, then they’ve got other issues that aren’t your problem.

You’ll want to stock up on pamper supplies like face masks or hot oil treatments if you don’t have them already, as well as snacks. Don’t get anything super unhealthy if possible- you don’t want to feel like poop the next day. Maybe get something indulgent, that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself. I got the stuff for a cheese plate- my favorite type of cheese, crackers, grapes, and some cheap wine.


3. Go home and put on your coziest PJs

If, like me, your coziest PJs are your winter PJs and it’s too hot for that nonsense, turn up the AC. It’s 2016. We don’t have to sit around sweltering in tank tops and knock-off Nike shorts. I wanted to wear my bunny onesie, outside temperature be damned.


4. Chill out with some nice, calming TV or movies

For me, this is not the day for action packed or scary TV. Mental health days are days for The Great British Bake Off, the early Harry Potter movies, or The Princess Diaries.


5. (optional, but recommended) Find an animal. Snuggle.

At this point in the day, I took my puppy and we went for a little bit of cuddle time on the bed. She slept, I watched another episode of the Bake Off, I felt my stress levels drop.


6. Take a bath

This was the pièce de résistance of my day. Get yourself a bath going. Make it a good one. I used the Sunnyside bubble bar from lush, several fall-scented candles from Bath and Body Works, and a hot oil treatment. I also put on a podcast (Mugglecast) and just hung out in the dark for a while. I emerged honestly feeling like a new person.