2016 Wrap-Up

A little under a year ago, I posted this blog post listing my resolutions for 2016. Now, I’m going to go through each of those and let you all know if I accomplished them or now!

  1. Graduate college

I didn’t go to my graduation, but I did graduate. There was a really scary period of about two weeks there where I thought I didn’t graduate. After moving back home, I got a letter in the mail from my university saying that my “application to graduate had been denied”. AKA gurl, you didn’t make it. I had to do some serious last minute panicking/ scrambling, but I did it!


2. Get settled into a home

After graduation, I moved back home for a few months while I looked for a place to live, but I finally found a home at the end of September. It’s a studio apartment in a really convenient location. It’s tiny, I don’t have any overhead lighting, and my building is roughly 250,000 years old, but it’s mine! I’m currently writing this from my living room (which is also my bedroom/foyer/dining room).


3. Get a Big Girl Job

At some point earlier this year, I wrote about turning down a Big Girl Job for a job at camp. Long story short, camp fell through this year and I ended up taking a job at that office. I started there two days after graduation in early May and I’m still there now. To be honest, the work is kind of dull, but I’m already advancing within the office, my coworkers are (mostly) cool, and I get lots of crazy stories from weird customers. I can wear whatever I want, and I get to bring my dog to work!


(i promise this collage was actually on my job’s website.)

Which brings me to…

4. Get a dog

The light of the second half of 2016 has been Ginny The Jet Rodriguez AKA Ginny Binny AKA The Shredder AKA Dingus. Ginny is an 8 month old 45 pound black lab mix- I don’t know what she’s mixed with but I’m thinking possibly German Shepherd or Border Collie. She enjoys destroying things, food, water (Ginny LOVES water), trips to the dog park, and biting (nicely now. As a puppy, she legit BIT but now she just likes to gently gnaw my hand. It’s v cute). Recently, she’s started sleeping in my bed. It gets cold and I don’t want her to be lonely. So sue me. Ginny wears a lot of sweaters and comes with me just about everywhere. I’m very excited for her first Christmas.


5. Read 50 books

I haven’t really kept track of this, but I read a lot this year. Definitely at least 50 books. One that I really loved recently was Hannah Hart’s Buffering.


6. Maintain this blog throughout the year (at least one post every two weeks)

Well… I half fulfilled this? I posted every now and then…

I’m gonna go ahead and mark this one as a failure. Let’s be real here.

7. Get (and use!) a gym membership



I got a gym membership! And I used it! Twice.

Here’s the problem with the gym. The last time I went, I think, was in April? Maybe? I still have that gym membership, for a gym that I don’t go to, in a city that I don’t even live in anymore.

There was an episode of Friends where Chandler had a gym membership that he never used, but he never cancelled it because the healthy beautiful people at the gym intimidated him into keeping it. So Ross finds out about this and offered to go with Chandler to help cancel it. And they went and came back and somehow, Ross ended up getting a membership, too.

That’s me.

So technically I achieved this resolution, but again, I’m going to mark this as a failure. A failure that is still costing me $15 a month.


Anyway. I’ll make a post of my 2017 resolutions later this month. Personally, I achieved a lot in 2016, even though as far as years go, it was an absolute garbage fire.